GRAFFISTYLE is a multifunctional platform, a showroom and a virtual store, which offers the creations of different emerging brands, Italian and foreign, chosen for their originality and quality, distinct style and especially for their different specificities. GRAFFISTYLE is also a production workshop and artistic proposal, a gallery where you can discover and purchase the works of carefully selected emerging artists.

The brands exhibiting in our storefront are 4: ELENA ESTAUN JEWELS (Barcelona, Spain), OONA BAGS (Rome, Italy), ADRIANA RICCI JEWELS (Teramo, Italy) e GRAFFI (Teramo, Italy).

 Common feature of these brands is the craft as a production philosophy and the absolute originality of their respective creations. The choice of GRAFFISTYLE of selecting and merging their productions into a collective exhibit, comes from the certainty of the quality of the proposed creations, but also by the unpredictability, the instinct and the sense of free folly that the different styles express and combines, following the individual, whom goes all in with their creativity.