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The expanding sent of leather rocked by the waves of the sea; an old artisanal workshop from the last century transformed in an fusing alchemy of tradition, innovation, leather, ropes and nautical hooks, forming the words which describes a new  way to think design: the journey of Yuri Temperini and HOOK was born and takes form in this space, which takes the shape of old stories rapidly transformed in fairy tales. Within only for years, from 2011 to 2015, the idea to create something unique and original which embodied strength and endurance of the stone combined with the unpredictable nature and charm of the sea; slowly emerge till creating a one-off and unique bracelet HOOK by ROCK ME: a hook and a leather lace that fuse each other within a variety of infinite combinations. Bracelets designed and hand manufactured becomes new ways of expression of the own personality, through different styles and the attention to details, which identifies nthe whole HOOK collection: the Rock soul of the aged leather of the REBEL collection; the refinemnte and the use of trending colours of the GLITTER LUXURY EDITION; the elegance and the influences of colours and unusual materials featured in VINILE, RAINBOW and CORDA. HOOK by ROCK ME represents the fusion of energy, artisanal craftsmanship, creativity and elegance, which in every original object, always speaks the story of the one who wears it.

Hook and Rock me present the new and exclusive collections created in limited edition for graffistyle