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Graffi is an Italian brand which presents fully artisanal creations; sweaters, jackets, bags and t-shirts are some of the productions that this small workshop is been launching in the past years, following the style and creativity of the designer and founder Riccardo Lopez.  
His adventure in fashion started in Ibiza, where five years ago, he released his creative burst, into a small brand almost started as a game. Pushed by the opportunity of producing, on fabric, his art and graffitis for various boutiques, a variety of collections of hand painted t-shirts were born. 
After years of development, Graffi has become a small creative factory, establishing itself in Italy, where it becomes widening its range of creations, till cooperating with other Italians and foreigner brands such as OONA BAGS - Elena Estaun. 
 The high quality of the materials and the originality of the projects are at the base of the philosophy of production of this young brand, which produces hand crafted pieces exclusively in Limited Edition; the continuous trials on the fabrics, the patterns, the accessories and on the designs to be paired with the each product are the secrets of the development of each collection presented in the past years.